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In case you didn’t know, I freaking LOVE The Voice!

Decided to watch all of the blind auditions again in preparation for the battle rounds this week.  I was actually surprised with how many contestants I enjoyed this season, which means the battles are going to HURT.

Team Adam, in my opinion, is the strongest overall, but he didn’t have anyone I was overly excited about.  I was actually pretty surprised that Matt was my top pick (I’m sure 99% of viewers will disagree with me).

Team Cee Lo has some of my favorite contestants this season.  He definitely has many options to go with this season, which will make the knockout rounds extremely difficult for him.

Team Christina has a lot of sleepers.  Very few of them stood out, but there is potential in many of them, and I didn’t hate any of them.  I think with a little bit of training and control, she could pull ahead with a few contenders.

Team Blake of course is chuck full of country singers this season, but they’re actually pretty good for the most part.  He manged to squeeze in some unique voices that I really enjoyed as well, and he’ll once again be the frontrunner.

My overall ranking goes as follows:

  1. Caroline Pennell
  2. Holly Henry
  3. Kat Robichaud
  4. Stephanie Anne Johnson
  5. Juhi
  6. Matt Cermanski
  7. E.G. Daily
  8. Amber Nicole
  9. Donna Allen
  10. Tessanne Chin
  11. Brian Pounds
  12. Ray Boudreaux
  13. Ashley DuBose
  14. Will Champlin
  15. Geore Horga, Jr.
  16. Timyra-Joi
  17. Brandon Chase
  18. Grey
  19. Lina Gaudenzi
  20. Keaira LaShae
  21. Nic Hawk
  22. Shelbie Z
  23. Olivia Henken
  24. Jacob Poole
  25. Austin Jenckes
  26. Monika Leigh
  27. Cole Vosbury
  28. Emily Randolph
  29. Barry Black
  30. Matthew Schuler
  31. Cilla Chan
  32. Shawn Smith
  33. Tamara Chauniece
  34. Jacquie Lee
  35. Destinee Quinn
  36. Preston Pohl
  37. Jonny Gray
  38. Sam Cerniglia
  39. Josh Logan
  40. Briana Cuoco
  41. Michael Lynch
  42. Anthony Paul
  43. James Irwin
  44. R. Anthony
  45. James Wolpert
  46. Justin Chain
  47. Lupe Carroll
  48. Justin Blake

Some of the “front runners” that were pushed on us this season, I wasn’t feeling at all.  I can’t wait to see how the battle rounds play out, especially after seeing the 2 previews (Donna vs. Tessanne & Amber vs. Timyra-Joi).